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An atoll is formed from an island, but it isn't entirely an island. It's a coral reef that makes the different. The reef grows in a ring around the island and the island erodes, until little if any of it is above the surface of the water and the coral reef remains.

Islands are any small body of land surrounded by water. Islands in the middle of the ocean are usually volcanic and islands in lakes and near continents are usually just areas of the continental shelf surrounding the continent with a higher elevation.

To actually answer your question, the KEY difference is the reef.
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What is the difference between an atoll and a high island?

There are a great variety of differences between atolls and high islands, these include how they were formed, the soil quality, population and what they look like. An atoll i

Is Midway Island an atoll?

Midway Atoll consist of three Islands, Sand, Eastern and Spit Islands.

What is the difference between an island and an archipelago?

An island is a body of land, smaller than a continent, completely surrounded by water. An archipelago is a series of islands that share a common origin, often volcanic. Th

Are the Aleutian islands atolls?

Generally, no. i suppose there are one or two .
In Hawaii

How are the formation of the islands of Hawaii and of an atoll the same?

They are both related to volcanic activity. In the case of the Hawaiian island chain this is caused by a mantle hotspot leading to significant volcanism creating the volcanoes

What is the difference between an atoll and an archipelago?

An atoll is a type of coral reef, shaped like a ring, thatsurrounds a lagoon. The Islands are all the surface expression of asingle underlying structure (the top of a volcano)