What is institution number 004 of TD Canada trust bank?

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Each banking institution in North America (and beyond) is assigned a unique "Institution Number". TD Canada Trust has been assigned the number 004.

The full identifier of a bank account is made up of this institution number, a branch identifier (also known as a "transit number") and an account number.

Each bank is free to define its branch and account numbers more or less as it pleases, but because the full identifier always starts with the unique institution number, there is no danger of accounts at 2 banks having the same account number.

This is of course very important in our computer-centric banking systems.
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Why would you bank with TD Canada trust?

TD Canada Trust is a well known Canadian bank, second only to RBC in terms of size (in Canada). They have many locations, so it is relatively easier to find a branch compared

What is the cc code for TD Canada trust bank?

The Common Canadian (CC) Code for TD Canada Trust Bank is acombination of the Bank Code/Financial Institution Number and theBranch Transit Number. 004 is the Bank Code for the