What is formal communication?

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A formal communication is when someone is wearing a dress or a top and a shirt or just something when someone looks very pretty.
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Define formal and informal communication?

a formal communication can be defined as a means of communication that is normally controled by the managers in an organisation. it has been called the main line of the organi

Importance of formal communication?

Formal communication is important because it reaches all areas ofbusiness in newsletters, emails, and manuals. It follows rules,procedures, or established systems and is a smo

What is formal communication in business organization?

Depending on the business and its governing documents, formal communication can take the form of a public speech, a newsletter, a publication or a letter.. Formal communicati

What is formal communication pattern in organization?

The characteristics of Formal Communication patterns observed in a large-size business organisation are: (i) The communication flows within the prescribed channels of chain o