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What is faster a Yamaha r6 Yamaha r1?

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The Yamaha R1 is faster
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What is faster and better a Yamaha r6 Yamaha r1 or a suzuki gsx-r?

Depends what gsx-r you're talking about. If you're talking about the Hayabusa, then that would win in the top speed. Check it out on youtube, Hayabusa vs R1. The R6 is the sma

Gas mileage r6 Yamaha?

I have a 2003 r6, which I use for both commuting & recreational riding. I consistently get about 50 mpg using premium petrol. I've read some comments on other forums that sugg

What does a Yamaha r6 power commander do?

Power Commanders are a common installation on Fuel Injected Motorcycles, for example any Yamaha r6 made after 2003. Power Commanders allow you to change out your fuel map ( i

What bike is better the Yamaha r6 or the Yamaha r6s?

In 2006 Yamaha redesigned the R6 and narrowed the gap even further between the race and street versions of the bike. While the more aggressive riding position and high RPM pow
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What is the cc of a 2007 Yamaha r6?

The Yamaha R6 is a 600cc class sport bike, but technically has 599cc's so that they may be used for races requiring bikes to be under 600cc.