What is Fantage number?

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If you mean phone number, I don't think they reveal it to the public, I'm not sure though I don't think people are aloud to ring them unless the work there. If you don't mean phone number I hope you find your answer.
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What do you do on fantage?

1. make your person 2. add friends for buddies 3. play games 4. you can go to downtown, uptown, beach, carnival,etc Hope I help! and u can talk with ur friends and lot

Do you have a fantage?

yes i have a fantage. mine is a member :) do you have a fantage? LOL Weird Q. I have a member fantage, very random

What is the phone number for fantage?

I don't think that they have a phone line where u can just call if u have a question or comment but they should have a "contact us" on their home page

What can you do in fantage?

you can walk buy clothes,boards,stickers,hairstyles, and costumes. you can also sell things in lucky bob's. you can make friends,host parties, and join i special events. there

Fantage Where is Mistter Fantage?

Ok. If he is even on,you are most likely to find him at White Seal.He is most the time at the beach,or Mt. Fantage.You might know me as riddler382.

How do you type numbers in Fantage?

You cant type numbers the only way you can is to email fantage giving them reason why you should ohh and when you get on fantage type ugie its fun

What can you do on Fantage?

On Fantage, you can play games, make friends, go to parties, and chat with people all over the world. It is mostly for kids. It is super fun for everyone. If you are a Premium

What is the fantage phone number?

well it is 1800-255-nose if that dont work then i dont know what to tell u cuz my friend said it works but i tried it but all it said was this is fantage how may i help u but