What is exempt from credit card judgments in Florida?

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Your home is exempt from a credit card judgment, $1000 worth of your personal property which means items you own solely, your car is exempt up to a $1000 if you have a a car loan the car has to be worth mre than a $1000 after you deduct what you you owe on it. Go to the Florida state site and look under homestead exemptions there is an from you fill out and send the collection agency and you also what to send it to the collection attorney and the courts so that you home will be fully protected once they receive the home exemption for your home they have 2 days to contest it also they can granish your wages only if you are not head of house, if you are head of house hold you can request to the courts that you and that you do not want you wages granished. you can also get the home exemption form for you local legal aid or cantact an attorney. Good luck!
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What is a credit card judgment?

Answer . \nA writ of judgment is issued by a court after a debtor (defendant) has been sued and the plaintiff (creditor) has won the case. Credit card companies usually sel

How do you know if there is a judgment for your credit card debt?

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In Florida can your bank account or wages be garnished due to a credit card judgment?

Answer . Florida Statutes, chapter 77 outlines very strict procedures for garnishment. Florida Statutes �222.11 offers a significant exemption to wage garnishment know

How can you satisfy a credit card judgment?

Answer . Your options are somewhat limited. The judgment is a legal determination that you owe the money. You can (1) simply contact the judgment creditor and/or their at

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What are the credit card judgment laws?

Answer . \nThe ways in which a creditor/plaintiff can execute a judgment against the debtor/defendant usually depends upon the laws of the state where the debtor resides. T

What does a credit card judgment mean?

Answer . \nThe creditor has won a lawsuit judgment against the debtor(s) and can execute the judgment against any nonexempt property belonging to the debtor(s). The prefer

How do credit card judgments work?

How a creditor judgment can be executed depends upon the laws of the debtor's state. The preferred method is wage garnishment or bank account levy. In most states it is also p

What can credit card companies get in judgment?

What property can be seized or attached by a judgment creditor depends upon two basic things, the laws of the state in which the judgment debtor resides and the manner in whic

Can a credit card judgment garnish your social security in Florida?

I'm sure the law must be the same for ss in every state. No !!! your social security can not be garnished by anyone but the United States Government. Period. The creditor can

How do you stop a judgment for credit card debt in Florida?

See a lawyer. Not enough information supplied to properly answer. You may be able to stop it by paying your bill, or bankruptcy. If the judgment was recently placed, you may b

Can a spouse's judgment from credit card debt effect your home or personal property in Florida?

The answer may depend on what type of purchases or services were charged to the credit card. If there are charges for merchandise or services that were used by both parties