What is electricity used for in the brain?

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Nerve cell signaling is an electro-chemical event. Thus, 'electricity' is used during cell-to-cell communication.
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Do brain cells use electricity?

Neurons do use electricity to communicate. When a neuron communicates, the usual sequence of events is: 1) binding of neurotransmitters to receptors on the cell body (soma) or

Does the brain have electricity?

Without electricity, your brain wouldnâ??t work. Electricity isresponsible for the nervous system sending signals to the brain,for your brain telling your muscles to move,

Can electricity be used to change the outlook of the brain?

Yes. The discipline is called electroconvulsive therapy , and (under proper medical supervision) can be used to treat mental disorders such as major depression, bipolar disor

Do electrical thing have a brain?

No, they have been programmed by scientists. Every thing it does is on a thing called a micro chip, which has a lot of information on. ---------------------- --------