What is difference between 550 mAh and 900 mAh in rechargeble batteries?

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A 900 mAh battery will last longer than a 550 mAh battery they both must be the same voltage output though to be interchangeable. mAh stands for milli amp hour. The higher the mah number the longer the battery will last
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What is the difference between 1850 mAh and 2850 mAh in rechargeable batteries?

One lasts longer than the other Short answer : a 2850 mAh will last quite a bit longer than an 1850 mAh. Long answer : mAh stads for "Milliamp hours" Many flashlight b

What is the difference between Wh and Mah on a battery?

These are two common ways battery capacity is measured. Wh stands for "Watt hours", and it's a measure of the actual energy content of the battery; it measures how much pow

What is difference between 550 mah and 900 mah in mobile phone charger?

The charger with the 900ma output will charge the battery faster than the charger with a 500ma output. The phone with the 900mah battery will last longer between charges than

Difference between 4400 mah and 8800 mah?

The second one should roughly last twice as long as the first one. You can't really say how long as it depends what you are using the computer for, but whatever you are doing

What is the difference between 800 mAH and 700 mAH?

These figures represent capacities of use for batteries. If a device uses 50 mA an hour on a 800 mAH battery, the device would operate for 16 hours before depleting the batter

What is the difference between 4400 mAh and 7200 MaH for laptop batteries?

4400 mAh means that the battery can produce 4400 mA for one hour. Similarly, 7200 mAh means 7200 mA for one hour.. In reality, these specifications are for a eight-hour ratin

What is the difference between 4000 mAh and 4400 mAh lithium ion battery?

The main difference between a 4000 mAH and a 4400 mAH lithium ionbattery is that lithium ion batteries are designed to last longer.These batteries are commonly used within lap

What is the difference between a 600 mAh cordless phone battery and a 1500 mAh Ni-MH cordless phone battery?

the 'mAh' designation refers to milliamphours. So 10 mAh could mean 10 milliamps delivered over a period of 1 hour, or 1 milliamp delivered over a period of 10 hours. You