What is cliff drainage?

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When pipes are inserted into the cliff where rain settles more often in order to prevent more erosion and weathering occurring.
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Why is drainage important?

Water causes damage just about everywhere especially where it is designed not to be.. In basements and crawl spaces, it will cause rot, mildew and mold, all of which will des

What is type a drainage?

Storm, waste, soil, acid- chemical waste , sub soil drainage

What is inland drainage?

When a river begins from a mountain, hill or a lake and drains in an inland lake instead of a sea or an ocean, its called inland drainage.

What do you do to unblock a drainage?

That would depend on the type of blockage such as roots , grease ,sand , sludge what equipment would best be suited to get the full flow established

Types of drainage?

Storm, waste, soil, acid- chemical waste , sub soil drainage

Where is a cliff?

A cliff is found where a flat piece of land suddenly ends and has branches attached to it many people fall off cliffs and try to hold on the edge and slip or they start fallin

What is a drainage map?

A drainage map shows the watershed of an area, the direction and elevation that water flows from into a stream, river, or lake.

What is a drainage area?

A drainage area is along the same lines as a watershed. It is an area of land that contains a common set of rivers and streams, that all flow in the same direction to a larger

What is a drainage ditch?

Drainage ditches are a method of controlling runoff from streets and highways where curbs and storm drains are not used. They are most often a shallow trough dug in the ground

Why do you have cliffs?

I don't have a cliff, the land has cliffs which were formed from erosion, this is why many cliffs are next to oceans, or take the grand canyon, it used to be a roaring river t
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What is Continental drainage?

The changing lithosphere affects the drainage patterns of the continents. The Continental Divide marks the division whereby the rivers drain west and east from the divide. C