What is chronic microvascular ischemic changes?

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Chronic microvascular ischemic changes are when there are tiny blood vessels in the brain that have ruptured or clotted. This causes very small strokes.
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What is an ischemic cell?

an ischemic cell is a cell that is deprived of o2 and there forth has switched from aerobic metabolism to anaerobic . eventually this will cause the cell to burst because the

What is Moderate cortical atrophy and scattered areas of chronic ischemic white matter changes of the brain?

'Atrophy' just means a reduction in size, due to disuse or disease. The cerebral cortex is the grey-matter (outer layer) of the brain that contains the neural cell bodies; as

Chronic periventricular white matter ischemic change?

Having high blood pressure can greatly increase the possibility ofsuffering from a stroke or heart attack. An increase of whitematter on an MRI scan may help measure both risk

What are chronic parenchymal changes of the brain?

Chronic means of long duration. Parenchymal means related to the bulk of the organ. Chronic parenchymal changes of the brain is a non-specific description of long-standing cha

What does prominent deep periventricular white matter changes consistent with microvascular ischemia mean on a mri of the brain mean?

Apparently some of the white matter cells around the ventricles have died due to small blood vessel inability to supply them with enough oxygen. Basically the brain's gray

What does chronic microangiopathic ischemic changes mean?

Chronic microangiopathic ischemic changes are areas of the brainthat show up during radiology, usually MRIs, that depict clottedoff or ruptured blood vessels. These are usuall

You had an MRI of the brain which showed chronic white ischemic changes What does this mean and how is it treated?

Chronic white ischemic changes, and many other similar sounding terms, all relate to the identification of abnormal hyperintense signal foci in the white matter of brain. The
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What does chronic ischemic demyelination mean?

The nerves cells and brain cells have isolating cells around themselves that are called myelin. Demyelination means reduction of the number or size of those cells. Chronic mea
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Chronic microangiopapthic changes?

Chronic microangiopapthic disease is when you have problems with tiny blood vessels. This disease is common with age the tiny vessels get stiff, crackly and sometimes they get