What is capt James t kirk's favorite drink?

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A quote (paraphrased) "Note, do not drink Andorian Ale at Diplomatic Functions"

So as a guess that and Coffee
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What is capt James T Kirk's middle name?

His middle name is Tiberius. And I'd like all you "fans" to note that Captain Kirk was not always a Captain. He was once upped to the rank of Admiral and therefore he lost th

What is James Bond's favorite drink?

Books In the James Bond novels he drinks a total of 317 drinks. His favourite drink is a straight whiskey (101 total) He has 30 glasses of champagne, and in "You Only Live Tw

Who was James t kirk's commanding officer?

If you mean commanding officer as in James T. Kirk's superior, itwould have been Captain Christopher Pike. If you mean Kirk's secondin command (first officer), it would have b

Who was Capt Kirk's lieutenant?

I can't recall anyone being specifically referred to as a Lieutenant in the series. His second-in-command was Commander Spock (Commander is US grade O-5, Lieutenant is US gra