What is better Google Maps or Google Earth?

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For some things Google Maps is better and for other things Google Earth is better. It depends on what you're trying to do. If you simply want to get driving directions from point A to point B then Google Maps is quick and easy. If you want to explore Mount Everest or the mountains on Mars then Google Earth is better to use. Google Earth is the heavy-weight application that you will tend to spend more time exploring and looking around, while Google Maps is streamlined to get quick answers.

It also depends on which device you're using. For an older cellphone, the Google Earth app may not exist but Google Maps is available from any web browser. You use one or the other depending on what makes sense. Likewise, if you want to print large high-resolution maps then Google Earth Pro best supports that need. Use either Google Maps or Google Earth with the option to switch from one to other as needed. Google Earth has a "View in Google Maps" menu option for just that.
google maps is better because you get to go in 3d and google earth you need a card for your computer
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Which is better Google earth or Google latitude?

They're both different software with different usages. Google earth is an earth visualizer, as well as a map, direction finder, and general combination of several useful goog

What is Google Earth and Google Maps?

Google Earth is a 3D earth viewer (run as desktop or mobile application) and Google Maps is a web-based 2-D map viewer with street and satellite views. For desktop platforms

What is the difference between Google maps and Google earth?

Google Earth is a 3D earth viewer (run as desktop application) andGoogle Maps is a web browser-based 2-D map viewer. Both share thesame Google global imagery database with sat

Difference between Google map and Google earth?

Google maps is more of a web-based GPS, used if you want to knowwhere a place is, how to get somewhere or the address of abuilding. Google Earth on the other hand is a progra

Is Google Maps and Google Earth the same thing?

no Google map is the map of the whole earth, Google earth is the more high tech , it is when you can street view any were in the world, by typing in the address, when u do thi

How to download Google Earth and Google Maps?

1. Google maps You don't download google maps. Just go to google web site and in the top right hand corner click on maps. Or click on google maps URL in related links.

Which is better the Google Maps app or Google Earth app?

Google Earth and Google Maps are two mapping applications each withtheir own strengths. Google Maps is a web application that runs ina web browser, and Google Earth is a deskt

How do you transfer a map from Google Maps to Google Earth?

When you select a map in 'My Maps' there should be a ' View inGoogle Earth ' link in upper right that you can click. Google has removed the ' View in Google Earth ' link from

How is data mapped in Google Earth?

Google takes imagery is taken from a variety of sources (satellite, aerial, air balloon, etc.) and processed them into the format and coordinate system of Google Earth's datab

Why is there a 3D option for Google Maps but not Google Earth?

From Street View in Google Maps while viewing a panorama pressing the letter "t" or the number "3" enables 3D mode. This feature, however, is not yet implemented in Google