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Any voltage that is fed into or "applied" to an electrical circuit is referred to as an "applied voltage".
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Is torque directly proportional to applied voltage?

Current is directly proportional to applied voltage. Ohm's law.

What unit is applied to voltage measurements?

Volts are measured. If you have an ammeter you can also measure amperes.

Would the spring will expand if voltage is applied on it?

In order for a spring to "expand" with applied voltage, there would need to be a current, and its resulting power, creating heat. This effect is most noticeable when the "spri

Can you applied the voltage to neutral of the transformer?

The neutral of a transformer is usually grounded. Under this situation, this question is the same as asking whether you can apply a voltage to ground; the answer is yes, but I

What is happening when voltages is applied on thermocouple?

Voltage is not intended to be applied to athermocouple. Heat is, and that will result is avoltage being developed which can be used to measure the heat. Actually what wil

Why does a capacitor discharge when the applied voltage decreases?

A capacitor resists a change in voltage. That is how it works. It had to be charged to apply voltage to it in the first case, so it has to be discharged to change the voltage,