What is another name for the London Bridge?

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While it has no other official name, the modern London Bridge is the latest of several bridges to have held the name since the Roman founding of the city. The current steel-and-concrete bridge was opened in 1973, replacing one built of stone that had stood in its place since 1831; this, in turn, had replaced a another stone bridge that had stood thirty metres upstream of the current location for six hundred years. Many before that had been constructed in various ways from wood, and in various ways also destroyed.

It is not to be confused with Tower Bridge, which straddles the Thames further downstream, next to the Tower of London.
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What is another name for London Bridge?

There isn't, it is London Bridge. There has been a bridge on the site for nearly 2,000 years. It connects the City of London to Southwark. The current one was opened in 1973 r

How was London bridge named?

The original bridge was built by the Romans about 50ad. At thetime, it was the only bridge crossing the Thames in London so itjust became known as London Bridge.