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What is another name for a stage comedy?

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"Situation Comedy." Before that it was "Slap Stick" or Vaudeville." Answer Slap schtick! If it is a play it may be a farce or a pantomime, may even be a musical comedy. It could also be a sketch show.
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Ideas of comedy club names?

Comedy club names tend to have the words Comedy Club in the title, many pick something silly as well to make it more 'humorous' such as Balham's Banana Caberet or Comedy Tree/

What is another name for the main stage of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

It was called the "Frons Scenae" and was the outer of the two stages. The inner stage was used by the supporting roles in the play. Apparently the Imperial of Rome named the s

What are some names of Broadway comedies?

My Fair Lady, A Chorus Line, Rent, Chicago, Cats, Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys, The Sound of Music... *Just an updated, because the only of these currently on Broadway are Mamma M
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What is the name of comedy tragedy masks?

Comedy tragedy masks today have special names given to them. The comedy masks are called Thalia, after the muse of comedy, and the tragedy masks are named after Melpomene, the
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What is Comedy Dave's real name?

The comedian Dave i think you are referring to is Dave Chappell.Dave Chappell is best known for his work in the comedy industry and also known for his show Chappell's show.