What is anaerobic digestion process?

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This is a digestion process in the absence of oxygen. This process however do not take place in the living body.
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Why is glycolysis an anaerobic process?

Cellular respiration sometimes is referred to as aerobic respiration, meaning that it occurs in the presence of oxygen, and is not an anaerobic process.. Glycolysis is one of

What is the anaerobic process in plant respiration?

When oxygen supplies cannot be kept up and the oxidative metabolism cannot produce all the ATP required, there is a switch to processes that break down glucose and glycogen to

Biogas Production Anaerobic digestion?

Hi,. A typical gas system comprises the digester cover, pressure and vacuum relief devices, water trap, flame trap, pressure regulator, gas meter, check valve, pressure gauge

What are the objectives of anaerobic digestion?

To break down biodegradable materials. It is used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage biodegradable waste. It doesn't require oxygen.

What processes anaerobic?

\n \n\n · An anaerobic process It is the metabolic process that requires no oxygen to generate energy for example respiration in the absence of O2 is called
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Why do bio-digesters need anaerobic conditions?

The bacterias needed to digest the organic materials and transform it into methane gas only thrives in anaerobic conditions, this means without the presence of air. In fact th