What is an pang-ugnay?

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Pang-ugnay is the Tagalog term for conjunction. Conjunction is used as a joiner; it connects some parts of a sentence.

What are the 3 types of pang-ugnay?

The 3 types of pang-ugnay are pangatnig, pang-ukol, andpang-angkop. Pang-ugnay in English conjunction is a word that showsrelation or relevance of two units of a sentence

What is pang ugnay?

Pang ugnay is a conjunction word in Filipino language. Whentranslated into English Pang Ugnay is said to means morecoordinated.

Meaning of pang-ugnay?

Meaning of PANG-UGNAY in Tagalog: Ang pang-ugnay ay ang salita na nagpapakita ng relasyon o kaugnayan ng dalawang yunit sa pangungusap. Ex. at, para kay English Translation

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What is a pang ugnay?

Pang ugnay, when translated to English means a conjunction. It is apart of speech that connects words, phrases, clauses or sentences.

English translation of pang-ugnay?

Pang-ugnay is a Filipino, or Tagalog, word. It is spoken by thepeople of the Philippines. Pang-ugnay translates to the Englishword conjunction.

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