What is an example of an auto bio poem?

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It is like a biography of yourself
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What is a bio poem?

A bio poem is a poem about a person or your self. BIo poem format: your 1st name 3 traits that describe you brother/sister/daughter/son of lover of(not people) wh

Bio poem on Harriet Tubman?

Harriet Tubman by Eloise Greenfield is a biographical poem aboutthe leader of the Underground Railroad. The poem is found in hercollection Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems.

What is a Bio-Poem?

This is a Bio-Poem . line1: first name line2:who is (at least three things) line3:who Love's (least three things) line4:who feels (at least three things) line7:who f

Bio poem on A Separate Peace?

Gene Intelligent, insecure, thoughtful, and competitive. Bestfriend of Finny. Lover of Finny, their friendship, and who he was before. Who feels happy when Finny is ar

What is the format of a bio poem?

BIOPOEM FORMAT Line 1: First name:____ Line 2: Four traits that describe character: ____,____, ____,____ Line 3: Relative(brother, sister, daughter, etc.) of __________

Can you give me an example of a Henry ford bio-poem?

Henry The people's tycoon knowing, a born engineer, persistent, paternalistic Lover of baseball, engineering, the mother on the farm, and Maria Matey Who believed that
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Can you give me an example of a Babe Ruth bio-poem?

George The Bambino popular, strong, fast, Great Sports Hero Lover of baseball, kids, food, and vices Who believed in himself Who wanted a raise, to be part of a family, to be
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Can you give me an example of a Charles Lindbergh Bio-Poem?

Charles The Lone Eagle Brave, daring, clever, believing Lover of flying, his family, privacy, and safety Who believed that he could fly his plane that far Who wanted privac