What is an archaeological dig?

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It is an area which is slowly, carefully and methodically excavated under the supervision of one or more archaeologists. The goal is to find and preserve historical evidence of former inhabitants, societies and civilizations. Most areas of the Earth are slowly covered over by accumulated soil, so that it is necessary to dig down to find really old artifacts. An archaeologist is a scientist and historian who is trained in the location and interpretation of evidence confirming former human habitation.
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What happens when an archaeological dig lasts over 10 years?

If an excavation lasts over ten years nothing in particular happens. The length of an excavation varies massively with some being over in only a few weeks and some lasting man

Why is it illegal for amateurs to dig up items at an archaeological site?

It isn't always illegal for amateur archaeologists to dig at sites and in fact, many new sites are discovered by amateurs. Generally, those in charge of a site will prefer exp

Where in China is the major archaeological dig where thousands of Terra Cotta solders have been found?

The Terracotta Army was discovered in the spring of 1974 to the east of Xi'an in Shaanxi province by a group of farmers when they were digging a water well around 1 mile (1.6