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An appendix is something which is attached or which accompanies something else, or a piece of text added to the end of a book or article, containing important information not relevant to the main text.

It can also refer to an inner organ which is commonly believed to serve no purpose but helps to regulate gut flora.

Where is your appendix?

Your appendix is at the Ileocecul junction, which is where theileum from your small intestine and the cecum from your colon meet.It is located on the right lower quadrant of y

What does the appendix do?

Certain evolution-minded people think that it is the remnant of anorgan that allowed our ancestors to digest cellulose, enabling themto eat greenery. However, there are severa

What is the appendix?

Small, saclike organ. It is a vestiginal organ in humans, it has virtually no function. It is a vestigial organ that people no longer need... It is believed to have been us

Why do you have an appendix?

The reason we have an appendix is unknown. I twas once thought that it could have helped our ancestors digest food more easily. The reason for our (humans) appendix is unclea

In a document what is an appendix?

In a document the appendix is information that is listed at the end of a report, thesis, or book. It contains information you reference in the body but that is too long or not

Why appendix imflame?

The appendix will inflame when you eat cooked black pepper among other things that you may be allergic to and that will irritate the appendix. Uncooked black pepper has no adv

What is an appendix in a book?

An appendix is a section at the end of a book. The appendix givesadditional information that is relevant to the main content of thebook.

What is an appendix mare?

Thoroughbred X Quarter Horse. Ever heard a horse owner say, "I have an appendix horse"? What they are saying to you is that this horse has Thoroughbred in its bloodlines. Usu

What is an appendix page?

An appendix page is attached to every research essay or assignment. It is a detailed record of every author, journal, text and any other source you have used to gain informati
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Why does my appendix hurt?

You may have appendicitis, or an infection of the appendix. I highly recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid further harm.