What is a vertical symbol that is inserted in the document at the tab stop?

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It is known as a bar tab.
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How do you insert a TAB STOP on the ruler?

The simplest way is to click directly on the ruler at the point you want to set a tab. You can also do it through the tab settings and type it the measurement that you want to

What is the insert tab?

It is a tab on the ribbon in Office 2007 that lists various options for inserting objects into your document.

What is the function of the insert tab in the computer?

Assuming that you mean the 'Insert' key on the keyboard, normally found somewhere up in the top right area of the keyboard. This is used to switch back and forth between wha

Can you locate any tab stops that have been inserted into a document by looking at the horizontal ruler?

If you look at the ruler you will see any tabs that have beenmanually set, as they will be on the ruler. Default tabs are shownbelow the ruler. If you look at the ruler you w

What is the insert tabs purpose in Excel?

The Insert Tab allows you to insert various things. These includecharts, various shapes and graphics, tables, pivot tables,sparklines, headers and footers, filters and symbols

What features are included in the Insert Tab?

The main groups are Pages, Tables, Illustrations, Add-ins, Media,Links, Comments, Header & Footer, Text and Symbols. Withinthese are included many things, like page breaks, pi