What is a the feeling of sadness because of the suffering others?

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It is pity which has been defined as a tender feeling toward persons in a state of suffering or in need, or toward anything that may have been treated in a harsh manner. Think too of mercy and compassion. In all these ways the desire is to relieve the suffering of someone or something.
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What to do when you feel sad?

Think slowly and carefully about what made you feel that way. Try talking to someone or just lean on your friends shoulder. Anytime, Haaaaaatttie x

How could a person feel righteous in the suffering others?

They would have to be a person with a seriously warped mind. Anyone who feels righteous about, or takes pleasure in, the suffering of others, is very, very sick.. It doesn't

What should you do if you feel sad because your ex dumped you and nobody thinks you are pretty?

You think that nobody thinks you are pretty. Of course there are people out there that think you are. You seem to have little confidence in yourself. You need to work on that

What can you do when you feel sad?

Depends what you feel sad about. If you are missing someone just try not to think about them and you'll soon get over it. If someones hurt you in a way try to forget about it

Tragic suffering differs from pathetic or sad feelings in that?

In relation to the castrophication of events in ones life, sad feelings are confined to congruent behaviour or behaviour which is considered to be socially acceptable. Typical

How can you not feel sad?

jump 17x whisper "faithymaithy" into a pillow pantomine a hobo think bout that girl/guy you like for 5 sec now pretend you have a wedgie

Why do we feel sad?

For every up there is a down. It's like if it was sunny weather everyday, we would not appreciate the good weather. We get sad so when we are happy it's amazing :)
In Music

Certain music on commercials has me turning the channel because it makes me so sad. No one else understands this. Why does certain music make only me feel sad and doesn't affect others?

Everyone is affected differently by music, which is why we like different types. Some people aren't moved by any music, it's just there - hence all the sh*t that is popular! O