What is a solitaire diamond?

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A solitaire is a single stone set into a piece of jewelry. It is not shape specific and is usually used in engagement rings and earrings. The various solitaire shapes are round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, oval and heart.
A single diamond which has a size of 1 carat and up is known as Solitaire Diamond. Its enough to make a statement. Solitaire diamonds (a single stone diamond) rings are very popular because of its elegance.

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The gemstone need not be of a particular weight. If it is set as a single stone, it is called a solitaire setting.
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Is a solitaire diamond real?

The word Solitaire only indicates that the stone is set by itself, not that it is a real diamond. To determine the quality of the stone, you should consult a reputable jewele

How large is the worlds largest solitaire diamond?

Solitaire implies setting a diamond in a ring. There are large, hundreds-of-carats diamonds, which would look extremely vulgar being set in a ring, because no human hand cou

Where can you buy solitaire diamond earring?

You can buy them at any jewelry store in your town or online, however diamonds are artificially priced. You can get cubic zirconia earrings that look exactly the same for 1/10

How do you check solitaire diamond?

It's always a good idea to have your diamond jewelery -- or any jewelry worn often set with precious stones -- inspected (checked) by a jeweler regularly, who can tighten, rep

Is a solitaire diamond a real diamond?

Solitaire is a word that describes the style of setting.Any stone can be set as a solitaire. So yes, your solitaire may very well be a real diamond.

How much does a solitaire diamond cost?

You can pay anywhere from a few dollars to several million for a solitaire diamond, since the descriptor - solitaire - simply means that it is a single stone. Every diamond

What does a diamond solitaire signify?

A diamond set in a solitaire setting can signify whatever the giver/ wearer determines that it means. Often, because of its value and beauty, it serves to remind everyone of

When is a diamond called a solitaire?

When it is a single diamond, with a size of 1 carat and up. Another Answer The word solitaire names a ring setting style that can hold any gemstone, including a diamond o
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Why are solitaire costlier then other diamonds?

Every diamond is priced according to its cut, carat weight, colour and clarity. Solitaire settings are designed to show off higher-quality diamonds, especially in carat weig
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Where can one buy a diamond solitaire pendant?

You can purchase a diamond solitaire pendant and other jewelry online at websites such as Overstock and Amazon. You can also purchase locally from stores such as Kay Jewelers.