What is a red hand warning light on a Ford Falcon?

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I have a AU Falcon the Red Hand on my Dash under the Fuel gauge represents the Smart Lock eg. Imobilizes the Ignition system (Anti Theft).
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Warning light Ford Fiesta?

There are several reasons why a warning light may be on in a FordFiesta. Some reasons could be brakes, loose gap cap, or even lowfluids.

Ford transit warning light?

A Ford transit light can have different meanings. If this lightappears you should take the vehicle to a mechanic as soon aspossible to find out the issue.

Why is there a Ford airbag warning light?

It is to alert you that there is a problem in the air bag system causing it to be disabled. If your horn does not work then you have what is called a clock spring that is bad.

Ford Freestar warning light?

The Ford Freestar several warning lights. The red water warninglight indicates the cooling system is overheating. The red batterywarning light indicates the charging system is

What does wrench warning light mean Ford Falcon futura?

If it's on th dash near the display on how many k's the car has done then it's notifying you that you've gone past a certain amount on k's on the clock and that your car need'

What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols and warning lights on a Ford Falcon?

Read your owners manual if you have one. Red light is normally a warning of low oil pressure. SRS is an indication something is wrong with the air bag system. Check Engine Lig