What is a quantitative prediction?

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Evaluating likelihood of job success on basis of predetermined numerical decision rule.
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What is prediction?

WTFction is a statement about some expected or anticipate futurestate or event. In the scientific context, a prediction istypically provided in the context of an hypothesis. I

What is predicting?

Predicting is telling confidently about things which may happen in the future.

What is quantitalize?

Quantitalize is not a word recognized by any English dictionary. Ifyou meant to say quantize, that means to apply a quantum theory tosomething.

What is quantitatives?

Quantitatives are things that can be measured. It also designatesthings that can be estimated by quantity or are related to ametrical system.

What is the difference of quantitative and quantitive?

Quantitative: . "-adjective. 1.that is or may be estimated by quantity.. 2.of or pertaining to the describing or measuring of quantity. 3.of or pertaining to a metrical
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What is a quantitive prediction?

A quantitative prediction is a prediction of a specific quantity of something, for example, if I say it is going to rain tomorrow that is not quantitative, but if I say there