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A pulse is a rhythm. It is usually associated with a beating or throbbing sound, but can also be pulses of light.
Biologically speaking, a pulse is the rhythmic throbbing of the arteries resulting from blood travelling through them.
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What is a pulse rate?

The pulse rate is a measuring of your heartbeat and is counted every time it beats. If I had a pulse rate of 56 beats per minute it would be written like this; 56bpm. You

What is a pulse in music?

In music, the word "pulse" is often used to describe the rhythm, time signature, and tempo of a song. If you tap your foot to the beat, that is the pulse. In some music, such

What is a pulse deficit?

A pulse deficit is the difference in the heart rate and pulse ratewhen both are checked simultaneously. Pulse deficits are quiteoften a sign of decreased cardiac output.

What is a pulse in physics?

A pulse is related to a traveling wave. Imagine a bump moving along a rope that has been pulled taut because you moved the rope up and down once. It's basically a signal at an

What is a pulse vegetable?

a pulse vegetable is an annual leguminous crop yielding from one to twelve seeds of variable size, shape, and color within a pod.

What is a pulse created by?

A pulse appears wherever an artery passes near the surface and over a hard substrate. The heart beats, and creates a throbbing that is felt when one takes a pulse.

What is a pulse raiser?

A pulse raiser is a activity that raises the heart rate it increase the blood flow through the active muscle and it also increase the body temperature.

What is a pulse generator?

a generator of single or multiple voltage pulses; usually adjustable for pulse rate

What is a pulse dialing phone?

A pulse dialing phone is a telephone that can dial a number using aseries of clicks (pulses) instead of tones. All rotary telephonesuse pulse dialing; many pushbutton phones,

What is a pulse beetle?

It is a pest of gram, mung, peas, lentil, red gram, cotton seed,sorghum and maize. Young grub bores into the grain eat up the grainkernel and completes the development.

What is a pulse oximetry used for?

A pulse oximeter is used to determine the oxygen saturation of the hemoglobin in the blood. A normal reading is 95% -100% SpO2. Anything lower could mean hypoxia. See a doctor

What is a pulse oximeter or what does it measure?

An oximeter is a device to measure the oxygen saturation level inblood. I believe that a "pulse" oximeter has a sensor to measurepulse as well, though it wouldn't surprise me

What is a pulse in food?

Pulse in a food is the fibre present in food. Imagine your head without a brain. Now connect that example with food, Imagine a food item without pulse. This answer is written