What is a pothos plant?

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it's a plant similar to ivy, because it has long vines. the leaves are bigger though, they look like spades on a playing card. the vines are also thicker than ivy, too. it keeps extending and sprouting new leaves along the way. they can grow in a pot and just have many vines extending from there, (but it's best for the plant to let it wrap around something), or i have one with a totem pole/styrofoam stick in the center of the pot that it grows straight up and then extends further. What's weird about them though, is that you can even remove all the dirt and let them grow just in a water garden, like bamboo. I've done it to a smaller one that I had because I've heard it's possible and it grew just as fast as the other.
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Is a pothos plant poisonous?

According to:. http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/hort/consumer/poison/Epiprau.htm. Scientific Name Epipremnum aureum Common Name Pothos, golden pothos, devil's ivy. . TOXIC

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How do you keep your cat away from your pothos plant?

There's a number of ways you can handle it... 1 - Move the plant to another location that is impossible for the cat to reach. 2 - Place a covering or blackade at the direction