What is a parallel connector?

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A parallel connector, or parallel port, is an interface used to connect a computer to some external peripheral. An example of things that can hook up to a computer using a parallel port include a printer and/or a scanner. More recently, the USB interface has become extremely common and most types of devices that used to commonly hook up via parallel port now hook up by USB instead.
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What are parallels?

Answer . Sometimes people call lines of latitude parallels. Latitude lines are the lines that are located north and south of the equator.

What is parallel?

Parallel is two lines that run side by side and never touch. Such as the (=) sign

What is a connector?

A device to allow two parts of an electronic system to communicate while also allowing them to be separated for removal and/or replacement.

What are connectors?

Anything that creates a link between two things is calledconnector. Connector is a device that keeps the parts of anelectric circuit in contact.