What is a nonce?

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Nonce may refer to:
  • Cryptographic nonce, a number or bit string used only once in security engineering
  • Nonce (slang), a sex offender or child sexual abuser
  • Nonce word, a word used to meet a need that is not expected to recur
  • The Nonce, a rap duo
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Is lee gray a nonce?

yes lee gray, aged 16m living in woolsingham, is infact a nonce. he is probablies the biggest nonce gannin. if any small children read this please dont get into lee's car with

Why did god create nonces?

According to the Holy Bible; all men are created in GOD's image, and equally all are born in sin. Whichever path( sinful or not ) they choose to follow is up to them, as all a