What is a metric square measure called?

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Why is the metric system called a decimal system of measurment?

Because it's based on the number ten! Decem is the Latin word for ten. The following words are also derived from the same Latin origin: decade meaning 10 years, December use

What is metric measurment?

metric measurement is the system based on multiplies of 10. ie. there are 10 millimetres in a centimetre, 100 centimetres in a meter, 1000 metres in a kilometre. Similarly for

What is 8' square rug in metric measurements?

Your question isn't clear. Do you only want 8' in metric measurements, or are you looking for the area of the rug in metric measurements? If you want 8' in metric measurement

What do you call metric unit used to measure temperature?

Metric temperature is measured in degrees Celsius; where o.o deg C is the normal freezing point of pure water and 100.0 deg C is the normal boiling point of pure water. Man