What is a marital dissolution agreement?

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A marital Settlement Agreement is a written contract between parties to a divorce case as to how property and debts will be divided, what child and spousal support will be ordered by the court, if applicable, what custody orders will be made, and who will pay the attorney's fees. it is then either made an exhibit to the judgment entered in the divorce case, or its terms recited in the judgment.
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Remedies to non custodial parent when custodial parent ties visitation to monetary issues not part of the marital settlement agreement?

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You notarized your own signature in your marital settlement agreement back in 1992 does that make the msa null and void and legally you were never divorced?

A notary cannot legally witness/authorize his or her own signature on any document in which he or she is a party to the action(s),as it could be construed as a conflict of int
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