What is a loss control survey by liability insurance company?

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An insurance company sends an inspector to evaluate a risk. Depending on the coverage, the inspector will report on what the insured does and/or on-site conditions. The inspector does not determine if coverage will be bound. They only report what they see within context of the coverage.
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How much is Liability insurance for a renovation company?

It depends on how much coverage you need, what kind of liability (General Liability? Employer's Liability? Auto Liability? Professional Liability?...) & what deductibles, if a

Can a wife sue the liability insurance company for loss of consortium when her husband was killed in a recent plane crash?

As long as it was not her husbands plane. Loss of consortium is notin addition to the loss of the husband, and she will not getadditional money for this. She will get one sett

Liability it is the biggest thing for the insurance company?

Not necessarily. It just depends on what kind of insurance policyyou are buying. Answer I don't understand this question. Please rephrase so I can helpyou.

What companies offer public liability insurance?

Progressive, Gieco, Nationwide and State Farm offers public liability insurance. A public liability insurance broker may also help you in finding public liabitilty insurance.

What company offers professional liability insurance?

There are numerous companies that offer professional liability insurance to individuals. This, of course, depends on your individual location. Some great providers that I foun