What is a home remedy for itchy scalp?

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Ok so your scalp is either too dry or too oily. Make SURE you do not get the two confused. Check between hair shafts for small, greasy, white flakes. If so you have too oily skin. I suggest not conditioning your scalp for a few days, and/or using dandruff shampoo. Cheap drugstore brand is effective. If your scalp is maybe a little bit red or you notice more flakey white particles in your hair, you have a dry scalp. I would massage olive oil into your scalp, leave for ten minutes, then rinse. Best luck!!!
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What can you do for an itchy scalp?

I used to have the same problem. I don't know about you but I would even scratch to the point of even bleeding.. I suffered from dry scalp for years among other dry skin prob

Is An itchy Scalp A Sign Of Pregnancy?

I have had a madly itchy scalp for the last 6 weeks and I am up to week 12 week of my pregnancy. I feel like pulling my hair out... I suggest get a pregnancy test quick!

What can you do for itchy scalp?

Just wash it already! Rude answer. f First try a different shampoo, I would suggest using Baby Shampoo to see if that helps. You could also try using Scalpicin after sh

What are the causes of an itchy scalp and what is the best cure for an itchy scalp?

Dry & itchy Scalp Cause's you to be scratching your head likecrazy! I myself have a dry & itchy scalp. Head & Shoulder'sWill help you get rid of a dry & itchy scalp. You must

What are itchy red bumps on your scalp?

There are a lot of things it could be it depends on weither its itchy or if it just hurts. The most common are the places where you have scratched your head to hard and the bl

What is a home remedy for cleaning your scalp?

The traditional housewife remedy is raw eggs and vinegar. You add them together then massage the mixture onto your scalp then wait for 10 minutes then rinse out .

What can i do for a itchy scalp?

you can try ph balanced shampoos or i may suggest you could have psoriasis scalp condition so therefore check out www.destroypsoriasis.com

Are there any home remedies for itchy skin on a dog?

My dog has been experiencing bad itching, which causes his fur to fall of in the places he scratches. i put polly-sporen on his wounds and it stops him from going near, but te
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What to do if you have itchy scalp?

Change shampoo=with flakes change to dandruff, without usesomething for dry hair since your scalp is too dry or shampoo lessoften