What is a group of wild cats called?

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The only wild cats that live in groups is the lion. A group of lions is called a pride.
There are 2 different words for it. "Clutter" or "Clowder".
A group of wild cats is called "A destruction"</zzz>
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What do you call a wild cat?

Answer . A wild CAT cat is called by its usual species name. A wild DOMESTIC HOUSE CAT is called a feral cat.

What is a group of wild horses called?

Wild horse ( Mustang) groups are called bands in the US, or sometimes a herd of mustangs. In Australia they would be called a herd or mob of brumbies and the same w

What is a wild domestic cat called?

Feral cat is unsocialized domestic cat. Feral Cats looks like petcats. Feral cats are born outdoors, and they live outdoors. Feralcats are noctural. They sleep during the dayt

Is a wild cat called a pharaoh cat?

No; they're referred to as ferals, though that is pronounced almost the same way.. Feral means a once domesticated animal that has returned to the wild state.