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An archaic spelling of 'guard'
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What is avant garde?

Avant-garde is a French word meaning "vanguard" or "fore-guard"in military language. In science, it means "top of the art", and inart, indicates a style which seeks innovation

What is a garde manger?

a garde manger is a chef responsible for cold food preparation like salads, and salad dressing, cold appetizers and similar dishes

Who was French avant-garde artist?

\nAvant-garde is actually a military term for advance gaurd. In Art History two French painters are viewed as avant-garde, Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet, they chose to dep

Who are the gard in Ireland?

Gardaí? They are the Garda Síochána na hÉireann (The guardians of the peace of Ireland). They are the Irish police / cops

Are Maltese good gard dogs?

Maltese will normally bark when someone is at the door (or when they think someone is near the door), but are usually friendly when the door is opened. However, until they kno

How do you spell gards?

The correct spelling is "guards" (plural noun, or third person verb, to watch or protect).

What is On garde?

"At Attention" The term is "En Garde", and is of French origin. It means 'be on your guard' and is used in Fencing to alert your opponent that you are about to duel him.