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a G is the force due to gravity. 2G would be twice the force due to gravity. Astronauts have to withstand multiple G when leaving the Earth's atmosphere.
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What is a g check?

G Check is wen a gang member or sumone asks yhu wat sett yhu claim and hu yhu be etc

What is a g thong?

well its usually referred to as a g string . and its just a normal thong, but its a really thin, string-like waist band.

What is a g clamp used for?

Its used for clamping one side of a wood to another piece of wood. The best way to use it is by putting 2 scrap pieces of wood on either side of your job so it doesn't mark or

What is a g queen?

In the realm of fighter jets it was found that the smaller the pilot, the better they were able to withstand the rather large accelerations involved in high speed turns. These

What is a g in physics?

A "g" in physics is usually the force a person experiences when they are travelling at speed and change direction. When you are in a car and the driver takes a sharp turn to t

What is a g sport?

rto mtell the truth i never heard of one but you could ask around your friends to find out

What is a g on the recorder?

To play a g on the descant (most common) recorder on your left hand you put your thumb on the back and use your first 3 fingers to cover the first 3 holes.

What is a g sis?

if you have a sister whose first name starts with g she is considered a g sis or if you are a sister and your first name starts with a g you are considered a g sis

What is a g shock watch?

G-shock is brand of Casio company. This most beautiful and attractive watches for this color and design. There are a lot of series of G-shock and mostly upcoming watch is casi
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What is a g verb?

Perhaps you meant " What is a verb that starts with 'g'? " (There's no such thing as a g verb.) Go is a verb that starts with g . Give, greet, and growl are verbs that s

What is a g lift?

The only G Lift I know of is when a woman is wearing G string underwear and it slips down and can't be seen above her jeans so she pulls it up to expose it again. She does ne
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What is a G major used in?

A G major is used in music. A G major is usually played on instruments. Some examples of instruments that plays G major include guitar, violin, and piano.