What is a flagship phone?

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Flagship product basically means the most expensive or the prime product of that Series.
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What is a flagship?

Answer A flagship has different uses in a fleet or flotilla of boats and ships. It is the command vessel, which means it is the vessel in which commanding officers for the e

What is flagship company?

A flagship company is the main or lead company within a group of companies. It actually represents the image of that group and sells its lead brand in the market.. Along with

What was Blackbeard's flagship?

The wreck of what may be Queen Anne's Revenge , the flagship of the infamous early eighteenth-century pirate Blackbeard, has been found in 20 feet of water less than two mile

What is a Flagship fund?

A flagship fund is commonly marketed and recognized as anappropriate reflection of a fund manager's overall ability. It is usually the largest investment productoffered to ins

What is a flagship of the US Navy?

The Vessel that contains the Admiral is the flagship. Example: During the Battle of Tsushima on 27 May 1905, amongst the ten or so Russian battleships, were four brand new Bo

What is the Royal Navy's flagship?

Technically, the flagship of the RN is HMS Victory. Although now over 200 years old and in dry dock in Portsmouth harbour as a historic ship, it remains the oldest ship in com

Where can you purchase a flagship?

One can purchase a flagship on Amazon or Buy Flagship Issues. They are sites that provide detailed descriptions of flagships available and allow users to choose the desired fl