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A PhD is a doctor of philosophy which is the study of the truths of a particular field of knowledge or action. In order to study at that level, you must first have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree.

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What can you get a PhD in?

You can earn a PhD in just about any field you can think of, from political science to fine art to chemistry.

Are you a doctor if you have a PhD?

Yes, the PhD is a doctorate (doctor of philosophy), however it is a research degree intended to prepare those who pursue it for a life of research and/or teaching. Those who h

PhD or Phd?

Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated Ph.D., Two ways to abbreviate. Does not matter wich one

What is a PhD LPC?

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy, the non-medical doctoral degree. We would have to know what field is involved to tell you what LPC stands for. Given the category, it coul

What does PhD get you?

It can get you nothing to everything. It depends on the field, and what you do with the education you acquired. Thus, much of it depends on our abilities, expertise, critical

What is a PhD thesis?

http://dissertation-consultant.com/dcDefault.aspx A Thesis is: A thesis is the acquisition and dissemination of new knowledge. In order to demonstrate this the autho

Who can do PhD?

Anyone with a Master's degree can apply for a Ph.D.

What is a Phd in Finnish?

A PhD is usually used to referr to a higher degree of education. In Finland a typical PdH degree requires 300 studypoints, which takes about 5 years to obtain. The degree h

How do you get a PhD in chemistry?

An important thing to understand here is that you wouldn't get a PhD in chemistry as a whole subject but you would get a PhD in a certain field of chemistry, like physical che

Object of PhD?

A PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy. It means you are highly skilled in the area because you have studied for quite some time and you will definitely make much more money.
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What is phd?

A Phd is a doctor of philosophy degree. This type of degreerequires four years of traditional college and then another fouryears of study at graduate school. This is they high