What is a CNA nurse?

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if we want to know about CNA . Here is the basic description about it .. "A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant, who works on the vanguard of patient and health care. A nursing assistant usually works under the guidance of senior nurses and doctors and are responsible to provide day to day care to ailing people. They come as very prominent role players, when we talk about patient care and health management. In order to become a certified nursing assistant one must go through under a CNA training provided by a state accredited CNA school and must pass the CNA Certification Exam."
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What education and training is required to become a CNA or certified nurse assistant?

Answer . CNAs are certified nurse's assistants. These people have a few months of vocational training and they do a lot of the more unpleasant mundane jobs at the hospital,

What does a CNA do?

CNAs perform basic nursing functions such as personal care, taking vital signs, and ambulation under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. CNAs

How many residents per CNA in a nursing home By law?

if they want ideal care that they been teaching in school there should have 3 patients per cna any way what's the use of procedures they been teaching in school if it is impos

What about CNA?

CNAs are basically certified medical professionals who work under the constant supervision of a Registered Nurse and perform various day to day tasks for the patients, such as

What is the CNA ratio to residents in nursing homes?

I believe 6 to 8 residents per CNA in the AM shift 9 to 12 residents in the PM shift. 12 to 14 residents in the NOC/SWING shift. The law in California is 6 to 8 residents per

What is the cna ratio to residents in a nursing home in Indiana?

Indiana law does not specify any certain ratio. It requires thatnursing home residents have a total of one half hour of licensednurse care per day, averaged over the course of
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Do nurses watch you in CNA training or other cnas?

It depends on how you get your training if your working as you train then you would be working under a nurse but if your going to a school then it would most likely be hands o