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What is Wednesday in Portuguese?

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Domingo Segunda-feira Terça-feira Quarta-feira Quinta-feira Sexta-feira Sábado
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What is 'How are you' in Portuguese?

The Portuguese equivalent to the English question 'How are you' is the following: Como vai voce; or Como vas? The Portuguese pronunciation is the following: KOH-moo veye* voh-

You in Portuguese?

Você é rico (You are rich) Vocês são ricos.( two or more persons) ( You are rich)

Where is portuguese?

If you meant were the country is: Portugal is a country in Europe. It shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean and with Spain, and forms the Iberian Peninsula. Portuguese is t

What did the Portuguese do?

The portuguese were the first explorers of the Atlantic Ocean and in great length, the Indian Ocean, where they made settlements, specifically in Brazil, Cape Verde Islands, A

Who were Portuguese?

The portuguese are alive and well, right next to Spain, in the South-western most point of Europe.

And in Portuguese?

"and" in portuguese is "e".   For example:    "Red and blue" = "Vermelho  e azul"   "Me and you" = "Eu e  você"
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What is a Portuguese?

Portuguese is a language which derives from the country Portugal. Other countries such as Brazil use this language as a form of communication.

Who is the Portuguese?

I need to answer this question for school and i cant seem to find  the answer in Elizabeth Brownings poem she writes about the  Portuguese   Who is the "Portuguese"? How