What is Nat Turner's education?

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Nat Turner was a slave, at a time when law forbade educating slaves. He was able to read and write to some degree, having been self taught, but had no formal education.
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What are Nat Turner's Personality Characteristics?

I would say Bravery because he knew what he was risking. Violent because he killed over 160 people. Also I would say sneaky because he hid from the people who were after him f

Was Nat Turner's rebellion right?

If you were a white American whose family was killed by Nat's rebellion, no, it wouldn't be seen as right at all. However, if you were a slave whose family's freedom was no

Where was nat turner's hometown?

Nat Turner lived in Southampton County, VA. This was a rural county, with (at that time) only one town- now known as Courtland VA, at that time it was called Jerusalem.

Who was Nat turner's mom?

All I know is her first name is Nancy and she was a slave more info on this site : blackrevolution.net/markgpresents/BLKPAGES/BLKPAGES2/NTBIO.html.