What is Meaning nature and scope of geography?

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Geology is studying the physical features of the Earth's surface. This includes studying plants, animals, the climate, and human life.
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What is nature meaning and Scope of Education?

The nature and the scope of education is meant to help people dealwith various challenges that they come across in life. It is alsomeant to help them come up with solutions to

Define geography and the nature and scope of geography?

Geography is the study of natural and non-natural distribution of things on earth. Geography comes from the Greek meaning drawing of earth. We map out where natural land/ocean

What is the meaning nature and scope of comperative politics?

Comparative politics is a subfield of political science, characterized by an empirical approach based on the comparative method. When applied to specific fields of study, comp

Meaning and scope of commercial geography?

it is the study of the way a man adjust their commercial activities to the physical environment. And it is mainly concerned with the study of physical environment ,study of

Explain the nature and scope of human geography?

Scope Human geography broadly differs from physical geography in that it has a greater focus on studying intangible or abstract patterns surrounding human activity and is more

Nature and scope of physical geography?

Nature of geography:- 1. Geography is a bio-physical science:-geography studies on the principals of geology, climatology,natural vegetation and botany. 2. Neo-environmentalis

What do you understand by nature and scope of economic geography?

Geography is an interesting subject.South America has vast resources of forests,water,minerals and land but many of its resources have not been fully untilized.let us consider