What is Jon cryer from pretty in pink doing now?

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He is co-satring with Charlie sheen on the American sit-com "Two & a Half Men"
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How old is Jon Cryer?

Jonathan "Jon" Cryer is 52 years old (birthdate: April 16, 1965).

Is Jon Cryer dead?

Unless something happened within the last few hours, he's still alive! No, only on the inside!

Is Jon cryer Jewish?

No. He's not. He claims to be "an honorary Jew" but he isn't. His current wife may be Jewish, ergo, the honorary Jew status. His mother's name is Gretchen, and his middle name

What are Jon and Kate Gosselin doing now?

Since the Gosselin's divorce was finalized, Jon and Kate have gone their separate ways. Kate continues to pursue opportunities in front of the camera. She has repeatedly me

What movie were Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen in?

They were both in the movie Hot Shots! Jon Cryer played the part of Jim "Wash out" Pfaffenbach, while Charlie Sheen played the parts of Lt. Topper Harley, Rhett Butler, and Su
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What is pink doing right now?

Pink is probably watching Willow (her baby) sleep it's approximately 3:00pm in Los Angeles.