What is James Naismith middle name?

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James A. Naismith's middle name was Alan and he did adopt that name
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Who is James Naismith?

He Is the inventor of Basketball. He also had to invent a winter sport to play at school. He went to the college Springfield Massachusetts. He was born Nov 6 year 1861 and die

Is James naismith still alive?

No, James Naismith passed away November 28, 1939.. He passed away from a heart attack.

Who was James naismith married to?

James Naismith was married twice in his lifetime. His first wifewas Maude Evelyn Sherman. He married Florence B. Kincaid two yearsafter his first wife died.

What was James naismith childhood history?

he had a very hard time growing up. all of his family members died and only his uncle could take care of him and hi siblings.his family died from typhoid fever,a very rare unc

Where did James Naismith teach?

When he invented the sport of basketball, James Naismith was in Springfield, Massachusetts teaching at the YMCA International Training School. Before that, Naismith taught at