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What is James Bond's middle name?

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There is no reliable evidence, or more importantly Ian Fleming never suggests, that James Bond has a middle name.
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What is James Bond's favorite drink?

Books  In the James Bond novels he drinks a total of 317 drinks. His favourite drink is a straight whiskey (101 total) He has 30 glasses of champagne, and in "You Only Live

What are the names of James Bond's enemies?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Elliot Carver, Hugo Drax, Goldfinger, Gustav Graves / Colonel Moon, Dr. Kananaga, Le Chiffre, Emilio Largo, Dr. No, General Orlov, Renard, Franz Sanchez,

What is James Bond's full name?

Commander Sir James Bond, KCMG, RNVR The KCMG indicates that he is a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, while the RNVR indicates that he is a membe

What was James bond's dangerous stunt?

Jam es Bond has done hundreds of dangerous stunts. . Car crashes . Cars rolling over . Running through fire . Jumping away from explosions . Falling from cliffs . Jumpi

What is James Bond's favorite car?

The car that James Bond is most associated with, and has appearedin multiple films, is his Aston Martin DB5.