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Google Earth is an application which allows us to see satellite and plane images of the Earth. It works like a high resolution virtual globus.
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Can you see inside a room by the help of Google Earth?

No. Satellites and aircraft look down to Earth when taking pictures  so only the Street View photographs could technically look inside a  door or window, but even those don'

How do you use Google Earth?

First you download Google Earth from google's web site. You can start by entering an address (or just a city name) in the fly-to-search panel and see Google Earth zoom to th

How do you use afterburner on Google earth flight simulator?

well you first have to unplug your lamp, and then plug in a washer/dryer. after washer/dryer has been running for about 3 mins and 5 and half seconds. you then jump up and dow

What is the name of the satellite that Google Earth uses?

Google Earth gets its imagery from a number of imagery providers including GeoEye and DigitalGlobe, which own and operate high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites.

Can you use Google Earth Images on a website?

Google allows use of screen shots on public web sites if you follow its guidelines (see links below) including unaltered images with full attribution, etc. Three requirement

Is Google Earth part of Google?

yes, Google Earth is a Google product with both a free and commercial/enterprise version.

Is Google Earth useful?

Google Earth is useful if you wish to locate a specific place anywhere on the Earth. The images are accurate but not live.

Is it cheating if you use google translate to help you with your homework?

It's only cheating if your teacher gave you specific instructions  not to use the internet.    It is cheating if you're supposed to be  translating the work yourself,

What are some uses for a Google Earth download?

One can use Google Earth to get directions. It is also a wonderful tool for use in the classroom for teaching kids about geography and the earth. One unique feature is it's ab

How does using Google help a marketing campaign?

Google has a facility called Adwords that can help a marketing campaign greatly. It is possible to create an advertisement using Adwords and have that advertisement appear alo

Which online flight simulator uses Google Earth?

Quite a few flight simulators use Google Earth. An online example of this would be GEFS Online. GEFS is a free online flight simulator, and can only be used via Google Chrom