What is Dwight D. Eisenhower most known for?

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He had excellent planning, political and military skills. In the military context he used all these skills to perfection. The US had several generals better than Ike at commanding a division, and Omar Bradley was probably better at commanding an army. As SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) none could have done it better than Eisenhower, or even as well as he did. Commanding armies from Canada, Britain and US, with contingents of Free French, Poles, British Commonwealth troops and others, with FDR, Churchill and De Gaulle all looking over his shoulder and Stalin anxiously waiting for help, was a job to frighten the strongest man. It didn't faze Ike. He needed great political and diplomatic talents; he had them and he used them. His other notable achievement is the Interstate System. As SACEUR, he suffered delays and shortages of equipment. This was no fault of US industry which performed at a level that even they thought was impossible until FDR told them they had to do it. The problem was delays in getting goods from the factories to the ports because of the apalling state of US roads at the time. After the war Eisenhower worried that the US could actually lose a future war because of this. He saw it clearly, but it took all his political skill to convince Congress and the States to sign on for this after became President. A purely personal opinion ? If Eisenhower hadn't pushed through the Interstate System, someone else would have done it sooner or later. A truly great SACEUR was needed in 1943 right then, and Ike was it.
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