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BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.
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What is the BBC?

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the world's largest broadcaster. . Unlike other broadcasters, it is a public service based quasi-autonomous statutory corporat

What is BBC address?

Broadcasting House Portland Place London W1A 1AA. E-mail, : info@ bbc .co.uk. Website, : www. bbc .co.uk

Where is the bbc?

The BBC has several stake holders, the British Public, the British Government, the people who listen to the international broadcasts, the program makers, the actors and the BB

What is BBC children in need?

I t is a big charity with the mascot Pudsey bear with a big appeal day in November, this year on the 20th. It has a big appeal shop on BBC1 at 7pm on appeal day presented by S

How do you get on BBC?

You type in bbc.uk.co in your browser and it will take you to the home page

What is BBC HD?

BBC High Definition. Freeview channel 50. It shows programmes from other BBC channels in high definition.

What is BBC alpha?

BBC Alpha is a children's channel for small children and toddlers, broadcast via satellite. It uses story-telling and word-games to help small childrren learn to form words an

What is BBC iplayer called on the app store?

You have just answered your question! The BBC iPlayer is called BBC iPlayer on the App Store. If you can't find it go to iTunes on your Mac or PC and try looking for it the

What is BBC stuido Birmingham called?

The current BBC Birmingham building is known as The Mailbox. For many years their headquarters in Birmingham was Pebble Mill, which was demolished in 2005. The current BBC Bi