What is A soft lump below rib cage on right side?

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soft oblong lump under right side rib cage. I have had stomach problems for about 6 weeks now. I just noticed the lump last week and had my doctor look at it. I just had a ct scan done of my stomach and everything came back normal. My doctor thinks it's just fatty tissue but wants ot have it removed to check. Should I be worried?
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What is the Lump below my right rib?

It is quite possibal it is an organ of somesort, if it was u would probly have some sort of pain or weird feeling when touching it. The best advice is to ask your doctor.

What could a Small lump below rib cage on left side sore to touch be?

Its on the left hand side it feels hard on the lower part of thr rib and is a bit sore its hard and has been there for a while now. i know its there all the time . It depend

What could a tender lump on right side of rib cage mean?

The first thing I'd expect it to be is an insect sting or bite. It's also possibly a tumor or cyst, but then I need to mention (as everyone worries) that malignant tumors gene
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What is a lump on your left side below ribs?

It could be a thousand things. . Hernia . Cancerous tumour . Lipoma . Neurofibromas . Folliculitis . Keratoacanthoma . Keratosis pilaris . Skin cysts . Cherry angiom