What is 20 percent off 25 dollars?

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20% is 5 dollars

so you would have 20 dollars
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What is 20 percent off of 25 dollars?

You can do this two ways;. (1) First change percent to a fraction by dividing by 100. So 20% becomes .2 . Now multiply times 25 to get .2 x 25 = 5 . So 20% of 25 is 5. Now su

What is 20 dollars minus 25 percent?

$20-25% is easy to answer. first turn the percent into a decimal. It would then become .25 you multiply 20 by that decimal and get 5. So 25% - %20 would be 15 because 25% of 2

What is 25 percent off 20 dollars?

To find the percentage of a whole part, the percentage must 1st be changed into a decimal and then multiplied by the whole part. In this case we have: 25 percent, it is cha